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The Claim:The first thing to tackle is the claim. If this is an insurance claim, you want to contact them first. Contacting your insurance will give you a better idea of your deductible and rental options. If this is a non-insurance repair, all we need is an estimate, and your signed approval to begin repair.The Estimate: After deciding whether this is an insurance pay or out of pocket expense, either us or your insurance appraiser will provide an estimate. Please note that this is a preliminary estimate, meaning more damage may be found upon tear-down of the vehicle.Estimate Approval: If we wrote your estimate, your insurance must approve it. The insurance company reviews our estimate, determines if the vehicle is repairable or not, then negotiates a price and procedure to repair, or sets up an inspection. If you received an estimate directly from your insurance, coverage must be confirmed before we can start collision repairs.
Disassembly: Before any collision repair can be done, the technician tears down the area of collision to inspect for any additional repairs. If additional damage is found, a supplement is issued to the insurance company for the additional collision repairs.Order Parts: After disassembling the collision area, we are aware of all the parts needed for repair. Most parts are available in one to two days’ time, some must be special ordered or are unavailable from the vendor (on back order) for another few days.
Structure Repair: Using factory measuring specifications and our computerized measuring system, we restore your unitized structure to its pre-accident condition. Proper measurements ensure the repairs are done to factory standards.Body Repair: Exterior panels and metal finishings are repaired and placed back on vehicle.Paint: Using the utmost care, the exterior panels on your vehicle are prepped, then primered and sealed to ensure the color and clear coat bond properly and give your vehicle its most lustrous shine.
Reassembly: Once the paint has dried properly, we begin reassembly of the vehicle. The moldings and detail pieces (handles, hood ornaments, etc…) are placed back on the vehicle, systems are checked, and the vehicle is road tested for safety.Detailing: Since repairs create debris, vehicles get a little dusty while they are in the shop so we clean the vehicle for you – inside and out. At this time your estimator will give you a call to let you know what time your vehicle will be ready for pick up.
Completed/Delivery: Once the vehicle has been detailed it is ready for delivery and we wait for you to pick it up. At the time of delivery, you are provided with your repair order bill, receipt of payment, and warranty. Now your auto is ready for the road again!

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    Everything’s great! – Stephanie C. 1/2013. 03 Accord


    You guys did a great job, everything was wonderful!!– Travis H. 1/2013. 10 V50


    Everything went well, completed on time, great about communicating – Kristina S. 1/2013. 07 Mini


    From our van to sedan to personal autos, your work is great! – Sam C. 1/2013. 94 BMW


    Really happy, and impressed – Michael T. 1/2013. 08 Lancer


    Looks perfect, aesthetically. Really happy with Jeff & whole process – Adam G. 2/2013. 06 A6


    You guys are great: the loaner, the service, everything! – Nancy C. 2/2013. 08 RAV4


    Really happy with repairs, excellent job!– Marcos M. 2/2013. 08 Accord


    Everything is perfect!! – Evan H. 2/2013. 10 Prius


    Car is great, and so are you guys! - Burt W. 2/2013. 00 E430.


    Thanks for your wonderful customer service! – Ryan R. 2/2013. 06 Corolla


    Your office staff has excellent service. The best! 5 stars!– Roxy X. 2/2013. 12 Accord


    Car is great!– Leon E. 3/2013. 08 Civic


    Everything is good. – Leon K. 3/2013. 10 A3


    Rolando and crew are great! I love you guys!! – Kat P. 3/2013. 07 Civic


    You guys are great!! – Kim F. 3/2013. 03 Accord


    Everything is great! Thank you! – Jose M. 03/2013. 09 Civic.


    Wonderful service and repair. It’s great you guys have loaners!! – Frank B. 3/2013. 04 F150.


    Vehicle is running great, and repair process was pretty smooth. – Sean D. 03/2013. 04 IS 300


    Location is convenient, and everything was great!– Rachel C. 03/2013. 11 X3


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