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Consists of any work done to the exterior, or interior sheet metal, trim, and structural panels on your vehicle. Also includes welding, or adhesive sealing, which may be required for collision repair. Our body technicians use their knowledge and industry specific tools to repair damaged components, and replace them, as necessary.


Includes refinish, blend, and color matching for exterior, or interior, panels and parts, as well as surface preparation and masking. All of our refinish work is done within one, of our two, downdraft spray/bake booths, which allows our refinish technicians to paint in a virtually dust-free environment. Painters are required to wear well ventilated masks and suits for proper breathing while inside of the booth. They are meticulous in matching paint color to your vehicle’s tint.


The frame of your vehicle is like your body’s skeleton. When your vehicle is involved in an auto collision, the frame may get cracked, damaged, or bent. Our frame technicians use state of the art sonar and video footage for frame straightening and measuring, utilizing our Kansas Jack Sonic 360. We measure vehicles before, during, and after the collision repair process, which ensures the vehicle is back to manufacturer standards. Once the frame repair is complete, the rest of the panels, on your vehicle, will fit into place.


We specialize in collision repair for all vehicle makes and models, both foreign and domestic. As an I-Car Gold Class Professional shop, we hold high expectations for the work we produce and send our technicians to factory specific training. Utilizing the industry’s latest equipment and technology, we reduce cycle time and get you, and your vehicle, back on the road sooner.


We work with any, and all, insurance companies. Although we are a direct repair shop, for a number of companies, we complete collision repairs for any insurance type. We have worked with all the big name insurance companies, like AAA, State Farm, Farmers, etc., as well as all the small insurance carriers, such as: Bristol West, Titan Auto Insurance, and more. We do our best to make sure automotive repairs are completed to your satisfaction, and work diligently to make the collision repair process as smooth as possible, for you and your insurance company, alike.


Paintless dent repair (PDR) is dent and ding removal through specialized tools and pressure. Not all dents and dings can be removed this way, most require body repair and paint, but the technician assessing the damage will let you know if this option is available to you.


We’ve teamed up with Hertz Rental car on 10th street! They offer direct billing with insurance companies, clean and new vehicles, friendly customer service and a great deal on out of pocket expenses!! However, if your insurance carrier wants you to go through Enterprise Rental, no big deal! There is a local branch we can put you in touch with, and they will gladly pick you up.


Alignment and suspension specification are crucial for safe driving, so we make sure your vehicle meets safety standards before it leaves our shop.


Windshield repair/replacement is of high importance to your vehicle, and safety. Improper installation of your windshield can result in serious injury during an accident. Why? Your windshield works as a deflecting agent for your airbags, and protects you from being ejected from your vehicle, in the event of an accident.


The wheels on your vehicle may get damaged in an auto collision, pothole or on a curb, so it may need to be repaired. However, if the extent of damage is too great to repair, the technician assessing the damage will recommend you have it replaced.


If your headlights look yellow, cloudy, or dull, you may want to consider restoration. Removing the oxidation build up in your headlamps can save you a costly replacement bill! How does it build up? Over time and weathering, the plastic in your headlamp begins to lose the lustrous shine it once had, creating the dull, yellow look that older headlamps tend to have. Our restoration process will get your headlamps looking like new again, at a remarkably low price!


As an added service, we hand wash and wax all vehicles before they leave the shop. This includes vacuuming, and interior cleaning.


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    Everything’s great! – Stephanie C. 1/2013. 03 Accord


    You guys did a great job, everything was wonderful!!– Travis H. 1/2013. 10 V50


    Everything went well, completed on time, great about communicating – Kristina S. 1/2013. 07 Mini


    From our van to sedan to personal autos, your work is great! – Sam C. 1/2013. 94 BMW


    Really happy, and impressed – Michael T. 1/2013. 08 Lancer


    Looks perfect, aesthetically. Really happy with Jeff & whole process – Adam G. 2/2013. 06 A6


    You guys are great: the loaner, the service, everything! – Nancy C. 2/2013. 08 RAV4


    Really happy with repairs, excellent job!– Marcos M. 2/2013. 08 Accord


    Everything is perfect!! – Evan H. 2/2013. 10 Prius


    Car is great, and so are you guys! - Burt W. 2/2013. 00 E430.


    Thanks for your wonderful customer service! – Ryan R. 2/2013. 06 Corolla


    Your office staff has excellent service. The best! 5 stars!– Roxy X. 2/2013. 12 Accord


    Car is great!– Leon E. 3/2013. 08 Civic


    Everything is good. – Leon K. 3/2013. 10 A3


    Rolando and crew are great! I love you guys!! – Kat P. 3/2013. 07 Civic


    You guys are great!! – Kim F. 3/2013. 03 Accord


    Everything is great! Thank you! – Jose M. 03/2013. 09 Civic.


    Wonderful service and repair. It’s great you guys have loaners!! – Frank B. 3/2013. 04 F150.


    Vehicle is running great, and repair process was pretty smooth. – Sean D. 03/2013. 04 IS 300


    Location is convenient, and everything was great!– Rachel C. 03/2013. 11 X3


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