Questions Frequently Asked By Our Customers

What do I do after an accident?
Immediately after the collision, you should make sure there are no injuries that need medical attention. If there are not, proceed to obtain insurance, car/driver information, and pictures for your insurance provider – if necessary document witness’ name and information or file a police report. Then, open a claim with your insurance.
You are not required to get more than one estimate. In our experience, customers tend to get multiple estimates to view the cost range. For insurance repairs, the estimate provided by the insurance company is the one followed by the collision center.
No, you do not. Although your insurance company may recommend you to one of their preferred shops, they cannot obligate you to have your repairs done there. It is important to know your rights as a consumer in the area of collision repair; the link provided gives more detailed information.
Since every repair is different, we cannot determine the length of time until we inspect the vehicle. When you come in for your estimate or to drop off, your estimator will provide you with an estimate and probable time of delivery. If that time frame changes, you will be notified about the delay or early delivery, and the reason for it.
If your vehicle is declared a total loss (the cost of repair exceeds the actual cash value), the repair facility steps out of the equation and the insurance company takes over. You will be offered the cash value of your vehicle or to keep your vehicle and apply for a salvage title. Your insurance company determines the total loss status and therefore has more information on the procedures to follow when the vehicle is determined as a loss.
You can expect to have regular updates about your vehicle from your estimator. Your estimator will keep you posted on when parts arrive, where your vehicle is in repair, and when it will be ready to bring home!
We will have them pick you up! If you need a rental, we can call the company to pick you up directly from our location. If you don’t need a rental, we won’t mind giving you a Lyft or Uber!